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Bolian Resorts & SPA, Hangzhou

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 7, 2024 L M S


A bird's-eye view of the hotel, sitting in the heart of Xianghu Lake. [Photo/WeChat account: putike_hotels]

Bolian Group, renowned for creating Chinese-style resorts, embarked on a remarkable journey from Kunming in 2008 to Huangguoshu in 2019, crafting five retreats over the span of 11 years.

In a move that reverberated through the hospitality industry, the hotel chain announced its sixth branch in October of last year, demonstrating a commitment to continual growth and innovation.

Nestled along the shores of Xianghu Lake in Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou, the new hotel requires guests to arrive by boat, standing gracefully by the water's edge and offering sweeping views of the lake, hills, and surrounding natural beauty.

The Hangzhou hotel not only represents Bolian's entry into East China but also signals the group's formal expansion beyond the southwestern regions.

As guests embark on the lakeside retreat, Bolian hotel aims to provide an unforgettable experience, merging luxury with nature in the heart of Hangzhou.


The resort is built in a Chinese style. [Photo/WeChat account: putike_hotels]

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