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Hangzhou aims to create over 250,000 jobs this year

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 8, 2024 L M S


A bird's-eye view of the Qianjiang CBD in Hangzhou. [Photo/IC]

Hangzhou is committed to generating over 250,000 jobs in its urban area while maintaining an urban unemployment rate below 5 percent this year.

To achieve this goal, Hangzhou plans to roll out the upgraded version 2.0 of its "Employment and Entrepreneurship Map" and establish a "15-minute Employment Service Circle". The city will also offer over 20,000 internship positions for college students.

Hangzhou aims to foster talent and attract professionals both domestically and internationally. It intends to attract over 350,000 college graduates under the age of 35, recruit more than 800 postdoctoral researchers, and cultivate over 1,000 digital technology engineers.

In addition, it aims to establish one provincial and one municipal talent industrial park, with the total output value of the talent service industry exceeding 100 billion yuan ($13.9 billion). The city also plans to organize 150 high-level talent matchmaking events and 45 entrepreneurship and innovation competitions throughout the year.

Moreover, Hangzhou will continue to encourage migrant workers, flexible employees, and urban and rural residents to participate in social insurance. The city will adjust payment levels and subsidy standards and promote the use of the first government AI intelligent customer service, "RenShe Xiaolingguang".

Hangzhou also plans to establish a more comprehensive skilled talent training system, aiming to add 70,000 new skilled talent and 7,500 new digitally certified high-skilled talent throughout the year through vocational education and skills competitions.


A bird's-eye view of Olympic City in Hangzhou. [Photo provided to ehangzhou.gov.cn]

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