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Yuhang tech firm drives breakthrough in space technology

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 27, 2024 L M S


The launch of the Jielong-3 carrier rocket. [Photo/thepaper.cn]

Yuhang-based Hangzhou Gaoxi Technology has made waves in China's space sector by contributing to the recent launch of the Jielong-3 carrier rocket near Yangjiang, Guangdong province.

The launch featured China's first privately-developed, fully-autonomous ultra-high-speed bidirectional satellite-ground laser communication terminal, marking a milestone in the development of space technology.

At the core of the achievement is Gaoxi Technology's CoolCore module, tailored for the cameras of communication satellites. The cutting-edge product ensures precise temperature control critical for satellite detection systems, enhancing performance and structural integrity.

Han Yi, Gaoxi Technology's co-founder and vice-president, emphasized the module's efficiency in heat dissipation, which is crucial for optimal satellite system performance. With China's commercial space market expanding, innovations like the CoolCore module promise significant growth in satellite communication technology.


The CoolCore module is tailored for the cameras of communication satellites. [Photo/thepaper.cn]

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