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Stunning morning in Hangzhou

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: July 2, 2024 L M S

After days of continuous rain, Hangzhou finally saw a clear, sunny day, accompanied by a breathtaking sunrise. This morning, many were stunned the beautiful sky over the city. Let's revisit this magnificent scene through the lens of photographers.


The sky is filled with a glorious array of colors, casting a gentle glow over the mist on the Qiantang River and creating a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere. [Photo/Lou Hang]

For a spectacular sunrise, both air quality and humidity must be optimal. Good air quality allows for clear visibility, and high humidity makes the clouds more colorful; however, if the humidity is too high, it can reduce visibility.

Thus, only when all meteorological conditions are perfectly aligned can we witness such a brilliant sunrise.


Under the morning glow, West Lake is bathed in a radiant light, shimmering like a sea of pearls and as vibrant as a tapestry in the sky. [Photo/Chen Bo]

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