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China-US Relations: US students learn Chinese cooking

CGTN| Updated: July 5, 2024 L M S

More than 20 students from top U.S. universities have had a lesson in modern Chinese cooking as they continue a visit to China that began last weekend. This happens after President Xi Jinping appealed for 50,000 American youth to visit China over the next five years when he was in San Francisco last November. In the eastern city of Hangzhou on Monday, the American students learned how some Chinese cooking is being transformed by technological change. Lu Sirui with this report. 

In modern China, a difficult dish is made simple with the aid of AI. 

The AI cooker is also expected to produce authentic Chinese food without a chef. 

These American students might be among the first to understand the significance of this technology. 

JESSE CAMPANELLI Bachelor, University of Rochester "For cooking technology sure, once it gets to the bigger things, that putting lives in danger like the cars, I would not trust as much. It has been a perfect experience. I'm super happy here. I already don't wanna go back. I have a week and half left but I wanna stay. It's awesome here. My international relations degree is kind of focusing on China. So I had a pretty good understanding of history up to modern history. But anything that's going on in the country today, current affairs, have always been very new and impressive to me." 

Michael finds Chinese cooking harder than his research on Sino-U.S relations in the 1970s. 

MICHAEL CONNELLY Master Graduate, University of Chicago "Being able to come here is a lot more conducive to understand the daily life in China, and how the progress has been made. I had pretty positive impression of China. There's a lot of animosity and ambiguity from the American perspective and policy perspective. Being able to visit China really helped to work pass some of the ambiguity I have for China personally."

Before they end their visit on Friday, the US students will also see other examples of transformation of life in China being brought about by digitalization. 

Lu Sirui, CGTN, Hangzhou. 

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