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Chinese, Spanish guests explore Liangzhu Ancient City

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: July 8, 2024 L M S


A Chinese-Spanish guest delegation visits Liangzhu Ancient City on July 6. [Photo/WeChat account: yhqxwb]

On July 6, the annual Hangzhou Liangzhu Day commenced with a series of events.

The Chinese-Spanish guest delegation experienced an immersive tour of the Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins Park and the Liangzhu Museum, witnessing the vibrant and innovative spirit of this historic site.

The tour included visits to key sites within the park, such as the South City Wall Ruins, the Palace Area on Damojiao Mountain, and the King's Tomb at Fanshan. Guests walked through the ancient locations, gaining a deep appreciation for the historic significance of Liangzhu culture.

Enrique Julio Toledo Blasal, director of education, culture, archaeology, and heritage of Toledo Province, Spain, noted the global challenge of preserving earthen ruins in humid environments. He praised the effective preservation efforts at Liangzhu, suggesting that its methods could serve as a model for similar sites worldwide.

Liangzhu is renowned for its jade culture, particularly the exquisite jade ceremonial objects unearthed at the site. The delegation was amazed by the quantity and craftsmanship of the jade artifacts discovered at the King's Tomb at Fanshan.

To fully immerse in Liangzhu culture, guests participated in a jade DIY workshop. Using files, they crafted jade birds, creating unique necklaces with a distinct Liangzhu charm.

The group also visited the Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins world heritage monitoring and management center and the Liangzhu Museum. Here, they explored the digital and intelligent systems used in the site's preservation and management, delving into the similarities and differences between Chinese and Spanish civilizations and appreciating the richness of Chinese culture.


Guests participate in a jade DIY workshop. [Photo/WeChat account: yhqxwb]

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